Digital Manipulation Photoshop Two in One

Combine Two Opposing Photos into One Perfect Scene
Adobe Photoshop’s main advantage is its ability to combine multiple images onto a single surface to create a composite.
This video is an example of how to create an imaginary scene by combining just two pictures of the same person at the same angle together.
This picture was made in collaboration with the amazing hatter Elena Wittman #Artofhats. Lovely cuffs created by Marina Asta #MarinaAsta.


Digital Manipulation Photoshop Tea

This photo-shoot was inspired by Luis Carol and his Alice in Wonderland in collaboration with the amazing hatter Elena Wittman #Artofhats, whose hats are designed for events such as the Gold Cup, Virginia.

Digital Manipulation Photoshop White Flower

I make my videos to show you the amount of work that is behind a picture.

I create my pictures from the ground up starting with an idea and collecting all the pieces together that allow the image to turn into a story.