Faces of China

I have always wanted to visit China. China is quite different from other countries because of how the ancient Chinese history and culture integrates with economic power and dynamic modern society.

I was very excited to participate in a study abroad program to finally visit China. We visited five cities: Beijing, Wuyishan, Xiamen, Nanjing, and Shanghai. Every city is unique, as well as its people.

During the trip I had the opportunity to apply my photography skills and take a lot of beautiful pictures. For nine straight days I did not let the camera out of my hands, considering each frame, each angle. I took pictures from early morning to late night. The busy schedule of our journey allowed mostly for street photography genre. This trip has had a lasting impression on me; it helped me develop my professional skills, and broadened my knowledge and understanding of China.

Through my pictures you can see the faces of the Chinese people and try to look into their soul.

I also bought postage stamps in WuYiShan that is one of my favorite cities.

WuYiShan postage stamps – World Heritage Site China’s Excellent Tourist City